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Transfer tisk

Transfer printing is a printing technique that is often used for promotional products such as T-shirts, caps, bags, mugs, etc. This technique allows for high-quality and durable printing that can be used for complex designs and color combinations. The transfer printing process includes the following steps:

Design preparation: First, the design that we want to transfer to the product is prepared. This design is usually created on a computer and then printed on a special transfer paper.

Product preparation: Preparation includes ensuring that the surface of the product is clean and smooth to ensure good adhesion of the transfer paper.

Transfer process: The transfer paper is placed on the product with the printed side facing the material of the product. A heat source such as a hot press is then used to create high temperature and pressure. The heat source melts the paint on the transfer paper, which is then transferred to the product.

Cooling and removing the paper: After the design is transferred to the product, the paper is cooled to harden the paint. The paper is then removed to reveal the printed design on the product.

Finishing: After the transfer process, the product is checked to ensure the quality and durability of the print. If necessary, additional processes such as ironing or edge processing can be carried out.

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