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Cylindrical silkscreen print

Cylindrical screen printing is a printing technique used for promotional products with a cylindrical or cylindrical shape, such as bottles, glasses, pots, pencils, etc. This technique allows easy and accurate printing on the uneven surface of cylindrical products. The cylinder screen printing process includes the following steps:

Cylinder preparation: First, it is necessary to prepare a cylinder that fits the shape of the product. The cylinder is usually made of hard plastic or metal and has convex parts that match the shape of the product.

Sieve preparation: The sieve, which is covered with a template or design, is adjusted to the shape of the cylinder. This ensures proper alignment between the sieve and the product when it is placed on the cylinder.

Product preparation: The product you want to print on is attached to the cylinder. This can be done with the help of special grippers or flexible supports that hold the product during the printing process.

Printing: The screen moves along the cylinder while the paint is applied to the top of the screen. With the help of a squeegee, the paint is pushed through the screen and transferred to the product, which rotates with the cylinder. This ensures that the design aligns exactly with the product.

Drying and finishing: After printing, the product is removed from the cylinder and placed on a drying surface to allow the paint to dry completely. Then finishing work is done, such as cleaning off excess paint or shaping the finished product.

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