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Engraving on products

Engraving is a technique that is often used to personalize and mark promotional products such as metal ballpoint pens, key rings, sports bottles, etc. This technique allows a permanent and precise impression to be made on various materials , including metal, wood, plastic, glass, etc. The engraving process includes the following steps:

Preparation of the design: First of all, it is necessary to prepare the design that we want to engrave on the product. This may include logos, text, graphics or other patterns. The design is usually created on a computer and converted to a format compatible with the engraving machine.

Product preparation: The product on which we want to carry out engraving must be prepared. This includes cleaning the surface, removing any protective layers or coatings, and preparing the product for engraving.

Setting up the engraving machine: The engraving machine is set up using the appropriate speed, engraving depth and other parameters that depend on the product material and the desired result.

Engraving: The product is placed in an engraving machine where the engraving is performed. The machine uses precision-guided cutting or laser instruments to engrave the design onto the surface of the product. Cutting tools remove a thin layer of material while the laser beam burns the surface, creating contrast and pattern.

Finishing: After engraving, the product is inspected and any finishing touches are made, such as cleaning excess material or additional surface treatment to improve appearance.

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