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As we are constantly adding new products to our online store, the category with novelties in the program can help you. Used and promotional gifts change from year to year. Users who have been dealing with gifts for a long time can check the novelties of the season through this category. In the category of new promotional gifts, we can find all the brands and novelties of the current year.

New Products
  1. Talia glass teapot, AP722244
    Talia glass teapot, AP722244
    €12.91 €10.58
  2. Bruneok pen set, AP722315
    Bruneok pen set, AP722315
    €2.79 €2.29
  3. Mandy beach bag, AP722300
    Mandy beach bag, AP722300
    €20.26 €16.61
  4. Yirax glass mug, AP722384
    Yirax glass mug, AP722384
    €8.03 €6.58
  5. Speyside whisky set, AP800482
    Speyside whisky set, AP800482
    €33.06 €27.10
  6. Hasleg glass set, AP722474
    Hasleg glass set, AP722474
    €19.13 €15.68
  7. Gaby jar set, AP722556
    Gaby jar set, AP722556
    €15.21 €12.47
  8. Rayish notebook, AP722407
    Rayish notebook, AP722407
    €1.49 €1.22
  9. Graham sunglasses, AP722258
    Graham sunglasses, AP722258
    €6.86 €5.62
  10. Fromky notebook, AP722511
    Fromky notebook, AP722511
    €5.10 €4.18
  11. Sagano memo cube, AP892012
    Sagano memo cube, AP892012
    €7.00 €5.74

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