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About protocol gifts

Protocol gifts are gifts that are usually given in formal and official settings such as business meetings, protocol events, state visits, conference meetings, diplomatic events, etc. These gifts usually have a symbolic meaning and are intended to represent respect, friendship, cooperation and brand promotion. As a rule, protocol gifts are chosen with great care and take into account protocol norms and cultural customs. Below are some examples of protocol gifts:

Pens: High-quality pens, such as fountain pens or ballpoint pens, are often popular protocol gifts. They can be made of precious materials such as gold, silver or leather and can be personalized with an engraving or logo.

Business folders: Meeting folders or business folders are practical and useful protocol gifts. They can be made of high-quality leather, have space for storing documents and pens, and can be customized with the recipient's name.

Crystal sculptures: An elegant piece of crystal sculpture or vase can make an exceptional protocol gift. This is an artistic gift that expresses appreciation and can include customization such as engraving a name or a special message.

Porcelain and ceramics: Hand-painted porcelain or ceramic dishes such as mugs, tea services or decorative objects can make a quality protocol gift. They are aesthetically appealing and can also include a logo or personalization.

Artwork: Artwork such as paintings, prints, figurines or photographs can be exclusive protocol gifts. Selected works of art may represent the cultural heritage or artistic talent of a region or country.

Customized products: Customized products such as clothing, bags, cases, usb keys or other items can be made especially for protocol gifts. These products may contain logos, names or special messages representing the organization or event.

It is also important to consider ethical guidelines and local customs,

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