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About us

The WTP: World Trade Partner, which brings together the most widely recognized and recognized business and promotional gift providers, was founded in 2009. The basic vision was to create a company that respects employees, customers and honest business *. What matters most to us is customer satisfaction by being responsive, approachable and offering quality services and proven products from established European suppliers. We are also aware of the importance of the social aspect to our employees. We create a peaceful and stimulating environment that enables the personal and business development of an individual. At the same time, we do not impede family or personal obligations, but strongly encourage them. The desire for success within the company is joined by the desire to bring additional value to the market of business and promotional gifts, with our culture, tools, creativity and knowledge, and help in its development and progress. We are building towards an environmentally-friendly company as we are aware of the importance of environmental management at all levels of life. In addition to a multitude of products made from recycled materials, we also have a comprehensive program of FSC certified paper products. We have completely abandoned the use of classic paper catalogs as they are no longer practical. We have learned that the complete offer is best presented on a website where the customer has the possibility of selective access to the products, the information is updated daily and current. In the process of shipment of goods, we reuse all packaging that comes into our warehouse. Air bubbles and foils are made of biodegradable plastic. We send smaller orders by courier service, thus reducing the burden of car emissions.

* What does fair business mean in our company: adherence to delivery times, payment discipline, we do not differentiate between clients (depending on the size of the company), fair margin, timely and realistic notification of customers.



After years of accumulating experience in global and domestic business at import and export companies, we decided to start a business. The decision was supported by the compilation of a code of business measures, based on personal experience, which will be in line with the vision of ethical business, including a reasonable and fair payment and pricing policy, regular discharge of duties to the state, workers and partners, payment discipline, education and development. individual.


Based on our knowledge of the Slovenian market, the company selected, in addition to numerous occasional suppliers, the main supplier of business and promotional gifts with the program "COOL COLLECTION". The decision was a good one, as it is a reliable and versatile supplier that offers a huge amount of fast-moving products and offers both new and classic finishing technologies. The offer is being refined and upgraded from year to year. The cooperation has intensified to this day, as we are seeing growth in purchasing and selling in the Slovenian and European area as well as in the countries of the Balkans.



The rapid advancement of computer and web technologies has made it possible to realize the desire for a quality and complete online store, which would present our offer very extensive, detailed and interesting to the user. By expanding and complementing our offerings to clients and partners, we are proving that we are not only following the trends but also setting them. We have formed a rounded whole online presence and presented our offer to the wider market.


In 2014, the online store got its place online. Due to the rapid growth of the visit, the older version of the online store was no longer relevant, so we updated it and transferred our home to faster and more reliable servers. The update was graphic and programmatic, all to make the online experience faster and more user-friendly. Additional descriptions have been added to the products, which further define the characteristics of the products: stock, material, dimension, printing method, packaging and more.



Considering the general trends where a lot of communication takes place on social networks, we have joined the most recognized social networks in Slovenia: Facebook (more than 5000 followers), Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram. After an initial search for what attracts the most customers, we have created an interesting program that presents various printing techniques, novelties, interesting features and advertising of discounts on orders. This year, we have embedded an SSL certificate into our online store, which provides encrypted traffic while visiting our online store. Thus, the user experience is completely secure.


Since the first half of 2016, our online store has been available in Slovenian, English, Croatian, Italian and German, which has put the WTP brand on the map of the wider European market. As a result, this year has seen an increase in business with EU and Balkan companies that have recognized our potential.



The growth of the company and the sales and demand also for the products of other European suppliers have encouraged us to expand our online offer. We therefore included Hi! Dea, Excursion and Voyager in our business and promotion gifts. At the end of 2017, the online offering comprised over 15,000 products in five languages. We are constantly adding new features to the online store to improve its performance and ensure the safety of using the online store.


In 2018, we have added quality promotional textiles to our offer, which includes all standard promotional textile brands such as: Fruit Of The Loom, Gildan, B&C, SOL`S etc. The huge offer and fast delivery of orders has significantly contributed to the growth of our sales program.


The year was marked by an extensive new range of quality products from SwissPeak, VictorInox, Wenger, JBL, Aladdin, Silicon Power and others. We presented the products with beautiful pictures and good price.


We have completely redesigned the WTP Web Store with a new heart and graphic design. We have also included new campaigns in our offer; some last all year long so we encourage you to review them. In order for our customers to be able to effectively and quickly inspect the huge offer, which now includes more than 80,000 products, we have optimized our online promotional gift shop to maximize browsing speed and place your order.


Everyone will remember the year 21 in their own way. The closure of various activities for one reason or another, we all felt. Concerts, events, exhibitions and the like have partly moved online and partly been canceled. Due to the establishment of our company on the European market, we successfully ended the year.


We have prepared new procedures in the company that will help improve the offer. Additional server capabilities have been added to the speed of the website. As a novelty, there are products with a fast delivery time - so many dilemmas can be solved.

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