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Imports from China

Do you need special production that is not offered by EU capabilities?

Do you have special needs for promotional products in your company, or do you not find a suitable product for your advertising? Maybe the stock is not enough or the product does not have the right color or print surface. We can help you prepare special production product from China or other relevant country of production country.

Even if the product is only in your imagination, you can reach the final product with our help.

Why would you choose us?


In our company we have been engaged in a special production of promotional and other products for 15 years. Our experienced team can prepare an individual production line that will guide you through the entire process from idea to delivery. The idea, the initial design of the product, pre-production sample, production, packaging, testing, inspections of goods, and then delivery - is entirely taken care of by us, the customer just decides how much detail will follow the production.

Global reach:

Take advantage of our network of trusted manufacturers worldwide. In this way, we achieve the best prices and competitiveness on the market. Global Reach presents the full range of manufacturing processes, materials, and products we can offer.

No worries:

At the company, we make sure that our products ensure quality and meet EU norms and regulations. All productions are checked by our subcontractors in the home countries of the production lines. Along with the goods, we also deliver all the necessary documentation to the customer. If the product needs or at the customer's request, the product can also be sent to laboratories that can also perform other certifications (LFGB, ROHS, etc.).

What can we offer you?

Specially designed products for promotional or business gifts with printing or other customization. As an example, we can mention only a few basic categories: all kinds of textiles, office supplies (pens, notebooks, spikes, etc.), accessories for workshops (gloves, meters, pliers, etc.), bags for all occasions (shopping, beach, etc.), backpacks, cosmetic bags, various toys (plush, puzzles, puzzles, etc.), technological products (USB key, headphones, mousepads, etc.) ... All products can be customized according to different Pantone, RAL, and similar color scales, printed with different technologies (screen printing, UV printing, embroidery, etc.), different materials, shapes, etc.

We look forward to your inquiries. You can contact us via the inquiry form, e-mail or phone.

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