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UV LED Technology

UV LED technology is increasingly used for promotional products, as it enables fast drying, high print quality and durability. This technology is used in various processes such as UV LED printing, UV LED varnishing and UV LED coatings. It is used when printing on pens, USB keys, mugs, bottles,... The process of using UV LED technology for promotional products includes the following steps:

Preparation of the design: First, the design you want to print on the product must be prepared. The design can be created on a computer and converted to a format compatible with a UV LED printer.

Product preparation: The product on which you want to print the design must be prepared. This may include surface preparation by degreasing, cleaning or other processes depending on the material of the product.

Setting up the UV LED printer: The printer is set up using the appropriate color UV LED containing photoinitiators. The UV LED printer uses small and energy-efficient LED lights that emit ultraviolet light.

UV LED printing: The printer precisely applies color to the product using ultraviolet light. The UV LED light reaches the photoinitiators in the paint, causing the paint to harden quickly and immediately attach to the product.

Drying: Due to the use of UV LED technology, the paint hardens immediately and there is no need for additional drying. The product is immediately ready for further processing.

Finishing: After printing, the product is checked and any finishing touches are made, such as cleaning of excess paint or additional surface treatment.

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