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Flexible sofa made of paper

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Flexible sofa (FlexibleLove) is a unique natural product which does not consist of nothing more than recycled paper and wood. Because we want to your love of flexible couch (FlexibleLove) lasts as long as possible, we have prepared some useful tips on how to use and how to care for Flexible sofa. If you still have any unanswered questions please call us or write us an e-mail.

Which materials are used in the manufacture of flexible couch (FlexibleLove)?

Flexible couch (FlexibleLove) is made from recycled (FLE-08 and FLE-16) or the kraft (model FLW-16) paper and wood, so that the product can be completely recycled. Models friendly mother nature and our earth allows that the excessive wear and tear, return to the process of recovery - for disposal of paper products should check with their municipal managers.

How resistant is actually a natural material?

The unique structure of honeycomb and high quality paper makes a very strong natural furniture. Each model was prepared for a specific number of users. More instructions for use can be found in the instructions for use, we recommend that you consider and follow. Please do not place any things on the surface of the product, since it is only intended sofa seating. Jumping, state, or walking on the couch makes lasting consequences - pravtako leaves lasting consequences sharp objects such as knives or excessive stretching or otherwise ill-use. Please keep flexible couch does not extend beyond the given maximum lengths; lead can be deformed, or further damage.

Normal, expected and it is intended to be flexible on the sofa (FlexibleLove) is known to wear the epidermis, etc. Only to demonstrate the personality and uniqueness instance flexible couch.

How the Flexible sofa (FlexibleLove) behaves in fire or water?

Flexible FlexibleLove sofa is made of paper, thus burning. This means that the furniture should be placed further away from heat sources, open campfires, cigarettes, sun and high temperatures. The furniture is sensitive to rain and high humidity, it is recommended to use adequate ventilation.

Does flexible sofa (FlexibleLove) requires a large covered area to use?

Organic sofa can be used on different floor coverings. On slippery flooring is the force of renewal sofas very high (sofa "slips" together). Full length can be achieved only on a non-slippery surfaces.

What we need to be careful when we clean and care for flexible sofa (FlexibleLove)?

Flexible sofa (FlexibleLove) best cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Stains on the side of the sofa should be cleaned with a dry cloth. The use of cleaners such as gasoline, oil, alcohol, salt and other cleaners are not allowed.

How it looks for transportation and installation?

Flexible sofa (FlexibleLove) made of paper to be transported as compressed (unstretched). Sofa gripping it with both hands. When using Adaptive sofa (FleksibleLove) for the first time to stretch to the maximum length. The easiest way is to sit on one side and one user to another page other uporabmik for about 3-5 minutes - use the first opportunity offered and NSE talk with your partner, friends or sodelovcem. Then fold the sofa. The procedure is recommended to repeat 5-6x to get zofino maximum length. Now it is a flexible sofa ready for use in any form and length. To use the sofa in the shorter length? Just fold along one side of the contact to the ground. The longer the sofa is used, the longer it will need to be returned to its original size (ie, put the sofa time).

Why is it important to follow the instructions?

Like you, we also want to have your Flexible sofa (FlexibleLove) long life.

Instructions attached to each article will help you to accomplish this. In addition, the mismanagement of al inedovoljene product changes result in a loss of warranty.

Is it possible Flexible sofa (FlexibleLove) returned to the seller?

Please Flexible sofa (FlexibleLove) check immediately after receipt of package / open the package carefully. Return is possible only by prior agreement between the seller and the buyer, and only applies when legitimate complaints, which are reported immediately after delivery. Attention, sofa where you can sit and have already been signs of use can not return!

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